Notice of AGM


Dear Silver Harbour Member,

You are invited to attend the Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre Society Annual General Meeting as follows:

Monday September 20th, 2021

1:00 pm

By Zoom or in person

Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre

144 East 22nd Street

North Vancouver BC V7L 4L5

AGM business shall include:

  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  3. Reviewing the Annual Report of the Directors
  4. Receiving 2020-21 Audited Financial Statements
  5. Appointing the Auditor for the 2021-22 Year
  6. Election of Board of Directors

If you would like to let your name stand for the Board of Directors, please be sure to complete the nomination form (available from the Silver Harbour front desk) prior to 4 pm on September 3rd.  Per our bylaws, nominations are not accepted less than 14 days before the meeting nor at the meeting.

To attend the AGM in person, please register by calling 604-980-2474.  In order to come into Silver Harbour for the AGM you must:

•             Show proof of at least one COVID-19 vaccination

•             Have no symptoms of COVID-19 and agree to inform us if you test positive for COVID-19

•             Accept the risk of possible illness due to your participation

•             Check in with the volunteer at the front door

•             Wear a mask at all times inside the Centre

•             Sanitize your hands frequently

•             Not eat inside the Centre

•             Report to a staff member if you feel unwell

To attend the AGM by Zoom, please register by emailing [email protected].  Zoom details will be sent to you several days prior to the AGM.

An AGM information package will be available to pick up at the Silver Harbour front desk starting Friday September 10th during operating hours (Mon to Fri 9 am to 4 pm).  It will also be emailed to all registered to attend by Zoom.