Notice of AGM


You are invited to attend the Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre Society Annual General Meeting as follows:

Monday September 12th, 2022

1:00 pm

In the Auditorium at

Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre

144 East 22nd Street

North Vancouver BC V7L 4L5

You are highly encouraged to wear a mask.

AGM business shall include:

  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  3. Reviewing the Annual Report of the Directors
  4. Receiving the 2021-22 Audited Financial Statements
  5. Appointing the Auditor for the 2022-23 Year
  6. Election of Board of Directors

An AGM information package will be available to pick up at the Silver Harbour front desk starting Friday September 9th during operating hours (Mon to Fri 9 am to 4 pm).  You can also request that the AGM information package be emailed to you by calling 604-980-2474 or emailing [email protected].